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Intro: I Work Hard, Sleep Harder #Episode1

Welcome to F**k Your Podcast. Join business owners, Katy Martin and Emma Pardo as they share the journey of entrepreneurship, the joys and struggles of life, and the excitement of Pop Culture. New episodes every Friday!

When I Grow Up #GoingToJail

In this episode, Katy and Emma talk about what it is like to learn how to be adults and all the glory or struggles that come with the lessons. Listen as they run down the list of “What People Should Know By The Time They Turn 30.”

Stand By Your Man… #FuckThat

Do you or a couple you know suffer from a mindset of a 1950's couple? You may be entitled to compensation… Join Katy and Emma as they discuss the influencer explosion of reinforcing gender roles. Are they relevant? The moral of the story, be a kind human.

STFU I’m Self-Caring #podcast

Joining Katy and Emma in this episode is special guest, David Skaggs! Listen as the three entrepreneurs discuss what burnout has looked like for them and the road to recovery from work burnout. Also, do you self-care? If so, what do you do to prioritize yourself.

New Dawn, New Day, New Generations

On today’s episode, Katy and Emma dive into the generational gap not only between the two of them but within society itself. The standards for dating, relationships, work ethic, and technology are ever changing as new generations go through life experiences. What is something you remember from your childhood that your child or someone younger than you will never experience?

Have You Ever Had A Dream That You

But when you said you wanted to be a police officer at age 5, did you actually become a police officer? Listen as Katy and Emma discuss childhood dreams and the outcomes of those dreams. If they could go back to those dreams, would they do anything different?

EP 07 Don’t Buy A Lemon

Discover the secrets of success with a business builder, mentor, and team building expert! Learn how to automate your business for maximum efficiency and get insider tips from a seasoned pro. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, this expert will show you how to build a thriving and successful team. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best!

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